How does it work

All For Free

Why purchase expensive labels when you can add your own copy, when you can print out the whole label, all included, FOR FREE!
You can print on different types of paper. Your first choice is normal printing paper. If you want higher quality in printing or a self-adhesive paper, there are some pitfalls:

To thin
Self-adhesive label paper is too thin: one can see “through” it.

Permanent glue
Self-adhesive label paper has permanent glue, and cannot be removed once it’s in place.

Looks dull
Self-adhesive label paper looks dull, and printed graphics have little depth.

Photo papers
Photo papers are great but unfortunately very expensive.

We recommend a coated, special dry gummed label paper. You can order great paper. Labels are sent as first class letter, Return Receipt Requested, and take approx. 10 days, to Europe 5 days.


You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software. If you do not yet have it, download it below.

Click to access the preview copy of the label. You must wait 30 seconds (broad band) to 7 minutes (slow modem) for the 1 MB large, high resolution labels to load. The same holds true whenever you click to open a label page.

Select a label, click on it and go to the final step. Wait approximately 15 seconds for Adobe Acrobat Reader to load properly.

Typing your text
Replace the text fields with your own text in Label One. Note: you can change all text fields. Continue until the other three labels are filled in.

Printing the labels
Print out on paper of your choice. If possible use label paper.

Cut out the labels
Use scissors or a straightedge (ruler) and a scalpel or exacto knife to cut out the labels.

Add glue
If you have gummed label paper, wet the back side with a sponge.

Place the labels on the bottles.