Where is the best Lotto?

There is one site that is outstanding for playing Lotto online for all outside USA.

This means that one can play from all over the world, except from USA and a very few places that have laws against playing lotto in AU.

It is a huge  verified Australian online lotteries agent,  owned and operated by ASX listed Jumbo Interactive Ltd. Company operates under strict government supervision is listed on the stock market and is accredited reseller for NWS Lottery and Tattersalls in Australia since +20 years. Every month they pay out winnings over 1.5 billion AU dollars.

Operating in excess of 20 years, it has serviced more than 500,000 customers in over 40 countries to date. They distributes lottery products worldwide.

AU lotteries means Huge jackpots – 20 million AU dollars and higher.

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Note: this is the only lottery agent the world that we honestly can recommend. The company is so huge, is listed in the stock market and so rich and old – a goldmnine for shareholders – that there is no risk to not get paid.

Because a lotto re seller purchase the tickets and collect the winnings for the player there is a risk that many of those companies are just waiting for a jackpot to take. This is why this is the only company we can recommend, it will never happen.