About Us

About The Company

Our company, Gert Strand AB, started in 1974 and still has the same owner, Gert Strand. We are located in Sweden, Scandinavia, Northern Europe.

We supply the brewing industry with high-quality ingredients, Turbo yeast, and essences. You can see the assortment at www.distillery-yeast.com. All are of superior quality, based on years of work and experience.

We supply bars, night clubs, home brewers and home distillers with the same quality as the liquor industry – the best. You can see our assortment at www.partyman.se, www.whiskeyyeast.com and absintheliquor.com.

The entire company’s mission is to produce the best products possible. We have been selling on the market since 1974. You can check up on us in detail. Here is more information:

Our Policy

The goal of Gert Strand AB is to sell the best products available on a worldwide basis, while giving high-quality service.

We will handle all complaints and bring them to a satisfactory conclusion. If we ever get complaints from any public consumer organization, we will follow their recommendations, in every country.

All items are kept in stock 99% of the time. When we receive your order, we usually pack it within 24 hours, and also send you an e-mail giving shipment details. If you have a very large order, we pack and ship first, then send the e-mail notification. Thus, on large orders, there may be a brief delay of e-mail.

Our founder, Gert Strand, personally guarantees the quality of our products. If you have business associates in Sweden you can ask them. Gert Strand has gone from being the smallest essence producer to the largest – in the world’s strongest competition. All this is based on know-how, a quality idea and vision, and over 35 years of experience.