Innovation gives away personalized wine labels on the Internet

A ”first” on the Internet has just been launched. A site that lets visitors personalize specially designed four-color container labels at And graphic artists, willing to exchange talent for broad Internet exposure on the site, donate the designs.

How does it work? Visitors must have the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once the file opens, the visitor chooses a label, fills in the copy online right in the browser and prints the labels. Label text can be used with a person’s name, or to commemorate an event reunion, anniversary, wedding, birthday, etc. Anything from Chateau de Manion to Happy birthday, Shannon!

For years Gert Strand, who manufactures essences and Turbo yeast for home distillers and distilleries wanted to provide this service. But having a small company, he realized that if such a site became popular worldwide, he’d go bankrupt giving away labels.

Then on a long walk in the forest with his dog, the idea hit him from above – or more precisely – from Adobe. He knew that with Adobe Acrobat software one could make interactive PDF web pages that visitors could fill in on screen. They could then print out the full-color page on any kind of paper, cutting marks included, then secure them to bottles, using a glue stick or milk.

”It’s great to provide this free service,” says Strand, ”and even better to be the first in the world to offer free wine labels using interactive PDF pages.” Aware that others will soon duplicate his procedure, he says enthusiastically.

There´s no limit to what Web developers can do using this creative interactive technique!